Sunday, May 12, 2013



I received this lovely handmade card from my son earlier in the week and it made my day.  I think it is his most beautiful creation yet.  The wrinkles you wonder - just part of who my son is and love it all the more for them.

I will warn you this will be a long post as it has been 10 days since my last and much has happened.  I'm dealing with a medical issue right now and am in the wait process for the next step to solve this issue.  In the meantime my doctor has instructed me to double up on my iron supplement so hopefully I will have a bit more energy until I get to the end of this whole process.  It has been a 1 1/2 weeks and it does seem I have a bit more energy but can tell when I do too much through the day.

We went out last Monday and purchased a new grill as ours had seen the last of its' good days.  We had replaced parts in it the last couple of years but it is now beyond part replacement.  Here is hubby putting it together.  Unfortunately, where the propane tank sits the hole is too large and a replacement shelf is being sent.  It is going to require disassembling of the grill to change out that shelf.  Grrrr!
On Tuesday Bill took the day off and we headed to the local greenhouse to purchase the plants for our decorative flower pots we like to put on our porch and decks.  We ended up planting 8 planters before we ran out of some plants.  I made a trip back to the greenhouse on Wednesday for a few more as well as a couple of heirloom tomato plants and a rosemary plant.  Finished planting everything yesterday.
Occasionally we are getting a day warm enough to put the top down on the Camaro and take a drive which we were able to do on Tuesday as well.  I do enjoy those days when the guys get home from work and we can just take a drive and stop somewhere for supper along the way.  A relaxing way to spend a few hours and I don't have to cook!  This coming Tuesday they are talking 90 degrees so maybe we will get a drive sometime this week as well.
Friday was the annual book selection and potluck for the book club I belong too.  I snapped a picture as the ladies were starting to arrive.  We had a really good list of recommendations and it was tough  narrowing it down to my 8 picks.  Each person gets to vote for 8 books as we have 8 different discussions during the year.  Ended up with a tie for book 8 so had to have a vote off.  You can see from this plate of food we had many wonderful salads, breads, desserts to chose from.  I took baked beans and you will find my recipe at A Stitcher's Snippets Cooks see the tab in the header.  I will add a tab in the header for our book selections for the coming year as well as all the other nominations which become our summer reading list. 
Now on to stitching updates.  On Friday I received my millenium scroll frame from the U.K. and am looking forward to putting one of my big projects on it (trying to decide which one as I've a few to choose from).  If you are thinking about one of these, I will share that I received an email and they've had such an influx of orders it is taking much longer than the 28 days they ask you to allow for the making of your item and shipping.  You pay a bit for the shipping but my item was received in 4 days time from when shipped and I received which is pretty amazing.
I'm making good progress on Be Thankful (Country Cottage Needleworks).  Keith and I made a trip to Stitch n Frame yesterday to find a new color.  The original color for the flowers was an ecru colored over dye but using 1 strand over 1 on 25 count you could not see the flowers at all.  I chose another color I had on hand but feel it is just a bit too vibrant for the rest of the colors.  I will be taking these stitches out - thankfully there are not many - and replacing this color with WDW Amber.  Will let you know how that works out.  While there I purchased the new colors put out by Crescent Colors and Keith picked out this lovely pattern by Imaginating.  He knows my love of snowflakes and winter so this is just spot on for me to stitch.  I also want to thank Mary and Teresa for the stash enhancement.  These are both items I wanted to stitch and they so graciously passed them on from their stash.  I can't wait to get started on them both.  So little time for so much stitching I want to do!

Well, off to finish my laundry and making of my homemade chicken and noodles.  Decided since I was cooking it was going to be a favorite meal of mine today.  Bill is out golfing and Keith and I have been watching the Harry Potter movies being rerun on television - that is until he abandoned me after lunch to do his own thing.  It seems they are allowing me some time to pick up my needle and do some stitching this afternoon - what a nice Mother's Day gift!


  1. So glad your Milennium Frame has arrived!
    Let us know how you like it when something is mounted!

  2. Hi Lorrie,
    I just found your blog through Myra's.
    Your stitching is beautiful.

    Enjoy your new millenium scroll frame....all set for a "big project!"


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