Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Frame Choice!

Just got back from lunch with my BFF at our favorite restaurant and have a few minutes to share the frame I chose for Be Thankful.  I think it will look DIVINE when stretched and mounted.  Can't wait!
Of course, I couldn't wait another moment to start something new so picked up this little perforated paper piece that has been in my stash for quite some time.  I'm looking for a quick stitch (I need to feel that sense of completion again) before starting the LHN Sarah Street - Faithfulness.  This little piece is 70 x 70 so think it qualifies as a quick stitch.  This is my first time stitching on perforated paper and who knew there were so many steps involved.  Stitch all the floss areas first, then the seed beads and 5 beads knots before moving on to the bugle beads and button.  I'm not sure how I'm going to like stitching on perforated paper.  You have to be very careful so as not to wrinkle the paper.  After my disaster with ceramics greenware I can tell you I don't have a delicate touch.  Mom took my ceramics away from me and said it wasn't for me.  If I find perforated paper "is not for me", I'll be stitching my remaining 3 projects on fabric.

I also wanted to share that The Primitive Hare is doing a Prim International Swap.  You can check out the details on Isabella's blog.  Basically your buy her Prim ebook on her etsy shop.  You email her at with your information.  You will then stitch one of the items in her Prim book and finish it in some fashion and you will mail it with tracking in November to the name and address she gives you.  The designs are not too large and thought it would be a fun swap in which to participate.  If you like to do exchanges, this might be just for you.


  1. Perfect frame for this lovely piece! What a pretty new start.

  2. The frame is perfect for your piece, Lorrie. It offsets the colors so well.
    I stitched my earlier MH on perforated paper but later changed to 28 ct linen which I like better. It's all personal preference.

    This chart is beautiful and sits in my stash to stitch. I love working with beads and these do come with their fair share, don't they?

    Happy Stitching!

  3. Oh Lorrie, this frame looks fantastic, it reflects the main colours of the stitched piece perfectly.
    Have fun with your new project.


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