Friday, May 31, 2013

Not A Thing To Do With Stitching!

I have nothing stitching related but a couple of things to share.  I took my photographs out to the frame shop yesterday to be mounted and matted for entry into the Iowa State Fair.  I did not let my picture not being picked for exhibit last year discourage me.  In fact I decided to take the staff's advice and enter the maximum number of 4 photos to increase my odds.  This is one of the photos I have chosen to enter.

It has been a wonderful Friday and great start to the weekend.  Hubby and I both got to do something really fun - it wasn't together today but me with the girls and he with the guys.  I started my weekend with a delightful lunch with my besties Belinda and Mary at On the Border.  It was one of our long catch up lunches filled with laughter and chatter.

Bill was attending the Principal Golf Classic that is being held at the Wakonda Club just a few minutes from our house.  This is the Senior Pro Tour.  He was located at the 18th hole and snapped this shot after Jay Haas just chipped in his shot.  A bit later he actually got to meet him and have a photo taken with him.  You can see by the look on his face it made his day!  It kind of worries me though as I actually know who this guy is - me thinks I'm watching too much golf with Bill.

After supper we hopped in the Camaro and took a ride with the top down as we finally got a warm day with actual sunshine and no rain.  Although flooding is still a concern for another couple of days things are looking up.  If you care to watch the video, you will see the high water right beside me as we are driving down the road.  Of course, Keith conned us into a stop at the Dairy Queen so he could have a strawberry shake.

For those of you who check out my cooking blog I've added my Loaded Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.  I also did a bit of work on that blog as it had the bare basics on it.  You can now follow it so you will be alerted to updates.  Thanks Belinda for pointing this out to me.

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