Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Feels Like Summer Has Arrived!

It is starting to feel like summer here finally.  We have managed to string together several days of over 80 degree weather which I find truly heavenly!  I so enjoy sitting on the front porch with a good book listening to the water fountain located in the middle of the flower bed waiting for my son's bus to come home on a daily basis.  I'm usually out there for an hour and it is so relaxing and I get so much reading done.  

 I planted a couple of heirloom tomato plants this year (my favorite) and was so surprised to find several small tomatoes already on the vines.  Much earlier than I usually get them and am hopeful for a bumper crop this year.
 I did find a few minutes for a bit of stitching on this LHN project the other day.  I so love the color combinations I chose for this one.  It will look lovely framed and displayed in my house.
I'm also making quite rapid progress on Primitive Hare's Red Riding Hood when I do find time to stitch on it.  I'm looking forward to some quality time with this project tonight.  

Bill took our Camaro to a car show and it won Best Late Model.  He was pleased by this and it was truly an honor as it was voted by the other entrants in the show.  Keith and I went over for about an hour and it was amazing how many cars were in attendance.  When we arrived, there were 177 cars and more were arriving all the time.

I couldn't resist taking this picture of Keith in front of a tow truck that looks just like the one in the Cars movie.  It was too cute for words!

On the reading front I finished the Stephen King 11/22/63 in record time.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and zipped right through it.  My friend's husband, however, started it and says it puts him to sleep.        I, however, could hardly wait to turn the next page to see what would happen next.

I'm still working on Dan Brown's Inferno.  It too is a page turner for me.  My only problem is finding time to read it - I know with an hour on the porch every afternoon I should be done but this one is on my Kindle and I don't take it out to the front porch.  I save my porch reading time for "real" books meaning hard back.  I've been using my reading time in the evenings (when there happens to be time) to work on my stitching projects.

My porch reading right now is A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchy.  This one is a slower read for me this time but am enjoying it just not as much as some of her previous books.  It is not a page turner like the other two.  I'm closing in on finishing it and will have to select my next "porch" read probably by the end of the week.  Anybody have a book they just couldn't put down?

Well, time to go do some "porch" reading!


  1. Hello

    Just found your blog.
    Lovely stitching and photographs too.
    I have a Kindle but somehow can't give up the real books!
    I have the Maeve Binchy one in my queue.

    Bye for now (:

  2. I love summer as I work in a school so I work less in the summer so I start reading and stitching. I just finished "The Light Between Oceans" by M.L.Stedman. It was a great read. Then 2 Dorthea Benton Frank books "Porch Lights" and her new one "The Last Original Wife". I love her books in the summer. Nice reads set in Charleston and the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Enjoy your summer!

    1. I have The Light Between Oceans on my wish list. With your recommend I think I will read this one. I also almost picked up Porch Lights yesterday but had never heard of this author so didn't. I happened to be by our local Half Price Book Store when I got your suggestion so stopped in and picked up the copy I didn't purchase yesterday. I think I will be starting this one tomorrow as a Week in Winter will be done today.

  3. I'm a Maeve Binchy fan too, Lorrie. I haven't gotten to a good summer read yet....too busy stitching!!!
    Your tomatoes look great. It's early so hopefully you will have a bumper crop. We have too many critters here that sneakily help themselves to my garden...ugh.
    Congrats to your DH for his win. How exciting!

  4. What an honor to get that award for the car! Well, we knew it was special :)

    I am catching up on some Robert B Parker novels. He died a while back and I was very behind. Can't decide if I like his female detective, Sunny?? But it is slow going as I am ebaying nearly all day.

    1. Teresa, I do have 4 Robert B. Parker books left to read. I've kind of been reading them slowly as I knew he had died. I do love the Jesse Stone ones and that is what I have left. I pulled a couple out to add to my "porch" reading stack for summer.


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