Saturday, June 15, 2013

And The Waiting Begins......

I don't think I've shared that I've been trying to find an easy solution for watermarking my photos before posting on my blog and Facebook.  I've noticed several other bloggers doing this and didn't realize how important it was until a business (which shall remain nameless) lifted a photograph off my husband's blog and is using to advertise one of his products.  Really!  

I picked one to try and while it seems to be getting the job done I'm truly not happy that I have to use it on my iPad and not my actual computer.  I would prefer to find a way to watermark using my desktop computer.  If anyone is using something that works on a desktop and is easy to use (with not an astronomical cost attached), I'd love to hear about it.

On to the latest in my life.  Thursday when I was pulling into the driveway I noticed the wasps were setting up shop in the peak of the house.  This is not something you like to see so very close to the 2 entrances to your home you use all the time.  It explains why I was getting buzzed so much sitting on the front porch in the afternoons.  Hubby has the situation well in hand now that I mentioned it to him and I am looking forward to its' immediate removal.

Now on to my "Fright on Friday"!  I had been out running errands all morning and arrived home about 11:30.  Just going about my business bringing in the groceries through the garage entrance and just as I'm putting them on the counter I hear a door hit the wall in front of the house.  Needless to say I turned right around and went right back out the door.  I had seen my neighbor sitting on her front porch as I pulled in so asked her to come over (in case police needing calling) while I grabbed the only thing I could find in the garage to protect myself (hubby's tire cleaning brush - not much but would hurt if cracked in the head with it) and went about checking my house.  I checked the entire house and I did indeed find the door to the front closet wide open and against the wall.  The only thing I can figure is when I came through the back door the suction from the winds outside caused a door not securely closed to fling open.  Nothing like a little scare to get the heart racing.

Now this is where the waiting begins.  Today I took my photos out to the Iowa State Fairgrounds to be left for judging.  Keith and I went to Rich's Brew first and with our vanilla chai's in tow we headed out to drop off photos.  This was Keith's first time going along with me.  It was an interesting experience with him along as he has to check out EVERYTHING and I do mean everything. 

We were at the end of a substantial winding line.  I wouldn't call it long as we were just inside the door.  You can also see from the stacks and stacks of box on the tables there were hundreds if not thousands of photos already dropped off.  The good thing is they've been doing this for years and have a very efficient system set up so were were out of there in about 30 minutes time.  I will receive a postcard sometime around July 20 informing me if any of my photos were selected for exhibiting.  I learned another piece of information about the judging from one of the staff today so again if I fail to exhibit I stilled learned something and have grown from the experience.

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  1. People finding their pictures on other websites seems to be a real problem these days. I don't really know what the solution is. I can't wait to find out if any of your pictures were selected!


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