Saturday, August 10, 2013

New Fabric!

Received a call yesterday afternoon from my local quilt shop informing me that the new line of Blackbird fabric by Moda had arrived and they would have it out by late afternoon.  Well, this morning after Keith and I made our usual trek to Rich's for our vanilla chai teas we made a quick trip over to the quilt shop to pick up yardage of our favorites.  Yes, make no mistake Keith definitely had an opinion on what I should get and letting me know I should make something for him as well.  I do love the beautiful brown and blue combinations of this line.  In particular the dark brown small check my display is sitting on as well as the blue brown stripe and dark blue small check in the mix.  Keith definitely has his eye on those 3 fabrics.  It is so nice the men in my house take such an active interest in my hobbies.

I put a few more stitches in Live, Laugh, Love but put it away when everything I had stitched had to be taken out.  After two very long days - or short nights (kind of depends if you want the glass half full meaning lots of fun stuff going on or the glass half empty meaning no time for sleep) my eyes were a bit too tired to stitch with any degree of accuracy.  Still I did end with progress on the piece.
My Aunt Marg on her recent travels stopped at Bronner's Christmas Wonderland (lucky her) and bought me this adorable ornament.  You would think she knows me from the looks of this ornament.  So fitting for me as there isn't a craft I won't/haven't tried which would definitely put me in the class of Craft Crazy.  Thanks again Aunt Marg - I LOVE IT!

It has been awhile since I've given you an update on my movie viewing and book reading so will just touch on it a bit.  

Last night we had a family movie night and watched Mud.  Not a particularly fast moving movie and was glad we didn't pay the money to see it in theater but liked it well enough not to turn it off before it was done.  
Last weekend we saw Wolverine.  I had not seen any of the previous Wolverine movies but don't think you need to.  Again not the best movie I'd ever seen but again not the worst.  My opinion it was just okay.

In books I finished Don't Breathe a Word by Jennifer McMahon.  It was a strange one to be sure.  I also finished Shadowy Horses by Susanna Kearsley.  I did like this one.  I have just started Isaac's Storm by Erik Larson which is about the big hurricane in Galvaston.  I usually love Erik Larson books so hoping this is a really good one.

Don't forget to check my cooking blog as I've added a new recipe - BLTA Salad.  YUMMY!


  1. What super looking fabrics you came home with! Hmmm...guess I need to check them out since I am partial to blues and browns. What a sweet ornament to receive!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Those fabrics are gorgeous!
    Did you say cooking blog?
    I'm gone..............

  3. Grandson just got back from seeing Planes, like Cars, movie. He loved it! Says it may be the best kid movie ever. Oh, yeah, Dad liked it too. :)

    Lorrie, I'm going on my first cruise ever soon. I need a good book to read. What do you recommend?

  4. Oh yes, this new fabric line looks gorgeous - great colours and great fabric patterns.


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