Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's Been So Long Since My Last Post.....

.....that I had to actually go read my last blog post to see what I had been up to.

I've been on another road trip to Winterset, Iowa with a girlfriend.  It is hard to believe but that has been over a week ago and I'm just getting around to posting about it.  It was a fun little trip with all the little shops all decked out for the Christmas holidays.  I came home with several "must haves" - well they were!  A few photos from that trip.

This is the store window from the Mercantile.  There were so many fun things in here.  Kind of a mix of new and antiques.  I came out with a couple of items from here.

This store is not for you if you are a "purest" when it comes to antique items.  She takes antiques and repurposes them into unique one of a kind items.  My friend, is a purest so it was not as much fun for her but I'm always looking at antiques with the eye of how can I use it other than its' intended purpose.  I came out of there with a couple of items as well.  This display is right inside the door.

I love the cabinet for spools of thread but 1) I do not have the space for it in my home and 2) I did not have the cash on me listed on the price tag.  Oh darn!

This is the Courthouse that sits in the middle of the town square.

We ate lunch at the Northside restaurant - it's on the North side of the street.  Not very creative with the name but the food was certainly worth the stop.  I wish I had taken a picture of the inside as it had several items of the original interior.

I came home with these little lovelies.  I just couldn't resist the spool.  It will look so nice as part of my Christmas display on the buffet this year.  I picked up another Christmas ornament (ice skates).  I think this is the year I'm going to count how many ice skate ornaments I actually have.  Any guesses?  Still wish I could figure out when and how I ended up with an ice skate theme to my tree.  The ice skate toothpick holder - yeah it had to come home with me! 

I quick stop at the yarn shop resulted in a couple of skeins of speciality yarns.  The picture is deceptive as the colors in this skein are really dark, rich Fall colors and not neon like the picture shows.  I couldn't resist these 2 little serving plates as well.  Snowflakes - another one of my things - yes I'm a lover of winter/snow.  Do you suppose it has anything to do with the fact that my husband kissed me for the first time in a snowstorm at the park?!  I loved how it is shaped like a gift tag even down to the little hole for the ribbon/string.

Another cool thing that happened is the local news station used one of my photos at the beginning of their weather segment this week.  Lucky for me my sister-in-law caught it and took a photo with her phone.  I was busy in the kitchen getting supper together when I heard my name but missed the photo.  Lucky she was quick with the camera.  

Replaced the water filter in the refrigerator over the weekend only to find out it was defective - meaning it kept leaking water all over the inside of the fridge.  Took it back and exchanged it for a new one (another story there) and decided what better time to clean out the refrigerator.  I took everything out including all the shelves and bins.  It was rather a satisfying feeling at the end of the project to see it sparkle so.

Just last night I finished my third ornament for my tree.  Yes you heard me right my third one.  After all these years of saying I would stitch one ornament a month so I would have some for my tree I've stitched three in the last two months.  For those of you who don't believe in miracles I think now is a good time to start! 
On the reading front I did finish Ruby Brooch which I enjoyed.  The Race by Clive Cussler has also been moved to the finished pile as well.  I enjoy the Isaac Bell series and this one was no exception as I liked it as well.  I started and finished Fallen Women by Sandra Dallas.  This is different than her usual books as it is what I would classify as a mystery.  I really did enjoy it.  I also started the Bride's House by Sandra Dallas.  I'm having a harder time getting through this book as I don't particularly like the characters in the book.  Still I'm 1/3 of the way through so will finish it up.

More to say but out of time! 


  1. Muy bonitas tus cosas y tambien tu Angel.
    Me encanta la cabecera que has puesto en tu blog.

  2. Such a nice trip with your girlfriend. I would like to visit that antique store as well and I'm sure I'd find lots of things to take with me. That spool cabinet is really very beautiful. I love these old things, too.
    Three ornaments in two months would be great for me as werll - I've tried that ornament-per-month thing several times but always failed. Oh well.
    So, you are also a Sandra Dallas fan. I have read several of her books and was never disappointed. Recently I bought True Sisters and it's on top of my to-read-pile so I think I will still read it this month.


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