Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nice Weekend!

 The tree went from covered in leaves to almost bare of leaves on Friday in just 3 hours.  It was fun to watch the leaves falling to the ground. So relaxing that I sat on the front porch and did a small video of it.  Never know when you need to unwind.

Went with my older brother to Pella on Friday.  I get to see him so infrequently and it was so nice to spend some time with him.
First stop was VanDen Berg's Gift Shop for some Christmas decor shopping.  It is just a small store but packed full of fun items.  We ended up spending 2 hours in there.  Yes, we both walked out with a bag in each hand.  You will see my items when I decorate for Christmas but will say I was thrilled to find 2 ice skate ornaments for my tree and the music box I bought - delightful.

We had time for a quick walk through a couple more shops then a yummy lunch at a little Italian Restaurant.  Last stop was Jaarsma Bakery.  Trust me you CANNOT go to Pella without stopping in there to bring home some pastries. 
I managed a bit of stitching this weekend and finished another ornament for my Christmas Tree.  I had Bill pick the next one to start as I just could not decide.  This is Peppermint Twist by Little House Needleworks.  I'm trying to get several ornaments stitched up and then will plan a day to do all the finish work.
Today the Halloween ornaments were finally put away and I brought out my Thanksgiving ornaments.  I love this big old ceramic turkey Mom made for me.  

This little display has my Be Thankful stitched piece in it.  There is a small turkey as well as my horn o plenty and pilgrims.
Perfected this soup recipe today.  I call it Lor's Cheesy Chicken Veggie Soup.  Click on the tab at the top for my cooking blog for the recipe.
Enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing date night last night.  A leisurely supper at the Food Court, a trip to the Apple Store, the book store and then to see the movie About Time.  It was not quite what I was expecting but found the movie delightful.

Well, throw in a little laundry and a trip to Rich's for vanilla chai tea and that pretty well sums up my weekend.  Hope yours was as relaxing as mine!


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