Saturday, December 21, 2013

I Should Be Knitting!

I'm going to be honest I should be knitting as I've 2 more scarves to finish for friends who want to give them as gifts but on a Saturday morning a trip to Rich's Brew with my son for vanilla chai teas sounded like so much more fun.  Besides yesterday I knitted (4 scarves) and gave up at 9:30 p.m. last night when I could not longer hold the knitting needles in my hands my fingers were so stiff.  I picked up the last skein of yarn from my friend for her last scarf this morning and I already knitted half of the other scarf last night before I gave up so I am excited to think I will be done with them tomorrow. Here are a few of the scarves I have finished.

I somehow managed to get really motivated last Sunday and whipped through my list of items to knit, sew and stitch of which there were NINE!  I was amazed at how quickly I was able to get things done with a little organization.  Making a list of what needed to be done was the most helpful of all as I was able to group things into like activities.  Cutting fabrics, machine sewing, hand sewing, stitching, etc.  Having it all sorted helped me to make most efficient use of the time I had for working on the projects.

I received a couple of Christmas presents this week and am delighted with their uniqueness.  I'll highlight a couple of things.  

My friend, Allison, was in Paris this Fall and she has gifted me with some delightful items from there.  A couple of lovely pictures.  I adore the watercolor she picked up from a local artist.  I'm going to get in framed soon.  She also picked up this fun little coin purse and a  kit from a needlework shop she found.  
Non-Paris items include these adorable owl measure cups as well as some homemade essential oils room spray, lip scrub, sugar scrub and an oil when rubbed on the bottoms of feet is supposed to make you sleep better.

I also received this scarf ring from my friend, Donna.  A local shop came up with the idea and they are to be used on an infinity scarf to give you another way to wear them.  It is such a clever idea.  I just love it!
I also wanted to mention that Jen (Wheresistersgather) has reopened her Etsy Shop and has a new Christmas cross-stitch LED pillar candle.  I love these candles as you don't have to worry about starting a fire and there is a timer on them that shuts them off after 5 hours and they restart at the same time the next day.  I picked one up and it is part of my holiday display right now.  I love when I come into a dark house and have this warm welcoming light to greet me and light my way!
Yesterday was supposed to be the day my friends, Belinda and Mary and I were to have lunch and a holiday gift exchange but unfortunately the night before we had a bit of freezing rain which covered the roads, sidewalks, driveways with a thin sheet of ice.  Does matter whether it is a thin sheet or thick sheet - ice is ice!  After watching the cars in my neighborhood sliding backwards down the road on the incline in front of my house I chose to keep my son home.  It ends up it was a good choice as his bus driver called 30 minutes later to thank me for my common sense.  Another family did not follow suit and she was stuck on a hill just 6 blocks away and had been there for 30 minutes.  It was also decided we would reschedule our luncheon for a safer travel day.

Keith and I enjoyed a wonderful unexpected day at home.  ABC Family was running holiday movies and cartoons and we also watched the White House Christmas 2013.  Add to that a cup of vanilla chai tea and a fire in the fireplace and we were very content!  Again a simple joy of the holiday spending time with a loved one!

Expecting a measurable snow storm tonight into tomorrow so am looking forward to spending a quiet Sunday at home with Bill and Keith.  Although I feel a walk over to the park with my camera if we get the snow amounts they are talking about may be in order.  Looks like we will have a white Christmas after all - YEA!

I have not found any time to pick up a book to read in over a week and am looking forward to picking up a good book on Christmas afternoon/evening after the festivities are over.  Any recommendations?

Well date night tonight so off to get a few things done.  Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend!  


  1. Love all the scarves you have done. I may need a lesson. The infinity hoop looks interesting as well. Love your updates.

  2. You are getting more winter weather than us. Just a tad bit of snow (less than 1") I think. Then it warmed up and melted it all away.

  3. Lorrie, your scarves are beautiful! Wishing you and your a very Merry Christmas!

    Robin in Virginia


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