Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Taking Time to Enjoy the Simple Things!

Christmas is approaching at a rapid pace and I've been working feverishly on the handmade gifts I have yet to finish for family and friends.  I will admit that the working feverishly to finish these gifts is my own fault as I've also chosen to take the time to enjoy the simple things in my day to day life so that I don't miss the joy of the season.

A beautiful moon overhead at 5:15 AM this morning.
The first snowfall of the season a couple of weeks ago.
A fat red bird sitting upon my deck who I might add quickly moved to the tree next to the deck when my camera came out.  Still less than 5 feet away so pretty hard to hide from me. 
Taking time to enjoy family movie nights at home on Friday nights.  Date nights on Saturday whenever possible with my hubby.  Baking cookies with my son only to have hubby arrive home from work and to join in - what a wonderful time.
I've also managed to keep up on my workouts at the Y and am pleased with my progress there.  The Eagles are back for the winter by the river just a quick 10 minutes from us.  Keith and I took a drive by there on Saturday to see them flying overhead.  I'm hoping to take my camera down to take some photos in the near future.

Here are a few pictures of what I've been working on.  Keep in mind I can't show entire pictures of some items as they are gifts and have not yet reached their recipient.  These are 3 cross-stitch projects that are going to friends.  You will get to see the finished projects over the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Last night I stayed up much too late doing some finishing for my friend, Allison.  Here are five ornaments she stitched as well as one design she wanted made into a pillow.  I could have gone to bed at my normal time I know but I WAS SO CLOSE to finishing them all and it was just like when I get to the end of a long cross-stitch project - just 5 more minutes - just 5 more minutes - just 5 more minutes.  You know how those can add up - LOL!  The good news is they are finished and I boxed them up and shipped them to her this morning.  Her "CHALLENGE" project for me (and it will be a challenge) will have to wait until January.

Notice the table runner underneath???  Well I found a tutorial  on a quilt as you go table runner by the  Missouri Star Quilt Company (click on the link to their home page to find tutorials) and decided to give it a try.  They have the best tutorials and I also used their tutorial on quilt binding and have completed my first bindings ever.
This picture shows the back side where the binding is hand stitched to finish.  I took completed project out to my local quilt shop and was pleased that the accomplished quilter working there was surprised to learn it was a first binding for me as it looked so good.  I have to admit I was pretty proud and surprised at myself. 
I've been all over the place in my crafts this holiday season.  I've managed to knit one scarf and as usual when knitting is discussed I've 3 more requests to be done by the 1st of the year.  Thankfully those are quick projects.
Oh and before I forget the strips and what they were going to be.  I modified one of the tutorials for a Christmas ornament from the Missouri Star Quilt Company to be a mug rug/coaster/snack mat.  Whatever you want to call it.  I like that you can make this whatever size you want using the circle cutter template.  Mine goes from 2 inches up to 10 inches.  I chose to make mine 8 inches.  In the tutorial it calls for using aluminum foil at the top and making a hole to hang a ribbon through.  I chose to use some leftover red wool and no hole to make a nice mug rug.  My son has the only one left in this house.  I've several cut out on my sewing table just to be put together.  I'm hoping to find time to get them together before Christmas arrives next week.  The good news is at their current stage  each one will only take 15 minutes worth of work.
Well, I'm out of time for today.  Hope you are all taking time to enjoy the life's simples pleasures during this holiday season!

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  1. Yeah, time sure flies when you're almost done!! We still manage to get it all done, no matter how long it takes. Laura


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