Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Designer!

I stopped in at the fabric store yesterday to pick up a bag of batting and as usual I came out with more than what I went in to get.  However, I just couldn't resist this mug especially as it was 60% off. 
I also could not resist this bit of bowling fabric as well.  I'm thinking mug rugs or a table topper.  Dad and both of my brothers are bowlers.  There are several colors to choose from to create something spectacular.

I want to share about a new cross stitch designer who has an Etsy shop.  Her name is Teresa Murgida and her Etsy shop is called Primitive Acorns.  She designs primitives and I like them very much.  She was running a promotion today that if you buy 2 designs you get a third of your choice for free.  I, of course, did not stop at 2.  Her prices are extremely reasonable and she was a delight to work with today.  Just click on the link and check out what she has to offer.
Feeling a little bit proud of myself today.  Thanks to our first measurable snowstorm I found time today to spend an afternoon with Lorenzo (for those who don't know someone named my sewing machine Lorenzo back in the 80's and it stuck).  Not only did I work on Christmas presents I figured out how to bind the project for the first time ever.  I am now down to blind stitching the binding on the back side of my project.  Yes, I did a little happy dance when I had the AH HAH moment when I finally understood how to bind!  
I also got a pretty good start on what all these strips are going to become.  I can't wait to share my completed project.


  1. I can't wait for you to share the completed project, too :)

  2. Like the bowling fabric you picked up! Looking forward to seeing what you create with the strips of fabric!

    Stay warm!

    Robin in Virginia

  3. I love Teresa's designs, too.
    I'm curious now to see what you are making with all these lovely red fabric strips.


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