Monday, January 27, 2014

Last Stitches - First Stitches!

 I put the finishing stitches in One Soul One Earth by The Primitive Hare on Friday night and was so excited.  It stitched up very quickly and I enjoyed every stitch of this piece.  

I was looking sorting my fabric stash last week and came across a lovely grouping of fabrics in red I had purchased on a road trip.  It is what inspired me to get One Soul stitched up so quickly as I think this has the makings of a beautiful pillow.
 On Saturday I started stitching Fond Hearts by Maggie Bonanomi for Blackbird Designs.  This is an older design that I had forgotten I owned until seeing it on the newsletter from my local stitch shop.  I am so glad I chose to change all the threads from the called for ones that were more purple and brown in color.  The red/pink/greens are just so much more ME.
Don't you just love these carrots!  Keith and I decided to stop at our local craft store after picking up our vanilla chai at Rich's Brew on Saturday.  I saw these carrots and knew they would make a great addition to my Spring/Easter display this year. 

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