Sunday, February 2, 2014

Where Has My Weekend Gone?!

I have absolutely no photos I'm ashamed to say.  I can't believe how fast my weekend has passed.  I have not picked up my stitching since Thursday evening and will have to hurry if I am going to get any stitching in tonight.  I'm so close to finishing and just couldn't find any time to work on it.  Always the way it goes.

Date night last night was quite enjoyable.  We ended up at a restaurant that we had quit going to as we could never both get a good meal on the same night along with good service.  We received 2 gift cards to this restaurant at Christmas and so decided to take a chance.  It was a night for miracles as not only did both dishes come out hot they were delicious.  We also had a waiter who knew how to take care of his tables.  Woohoo!

We then proceeded to do a bit of shopping before seeing our movie of choice for last night - Jack Ryan - Shadow Recruit.  We both enjoyed the movie so would say it is about as good as a date night can get.

I spent my afternoon giving my blog a facelift.  I've been talking about doing this for awhile and decided Super Bowl Sunday would be a good time to tackle the project.  I'm always surprised at how much time it takes as I go in with one idea of what I want to do and it never ends up in that vision.  I'm happy with it for this evening.  I need a couple of days to let it "settle" before I decide if it is a keeper or not.

Off to stitch!


  1. Hi Lorrie-
    Sounds like you had a really great date night.
    Well, the big game just ended and not only did Seattle win, but my DH won $100 in a football pool! Pretty good payback for a $5 investment :)
    Also, I got called for jury duty this week But when I called after the game, we were released and I don't have to show up at all this week. It's been a great day today!!
    Oh, yeah, better luck next year for the Broncos :)

  2. Hi Lorrie !!!
    a big thank you again for adding me to your favorites !


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