Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Oh What A Week!

I took a moment tonight as I arrived home to snap a couple shots of the amazingly bright moon with wispy clouds floating by.  Honestly the pictures don't do justice to how beautiful it is out tonight.  I could sit on the porch and just look at if only I had the time.


I signed up for Carol's ( Christmas SAL.  Starting on December 1 and going through December 24 you will receive a piece of the sampler and at the end of the 24 days you will have a completed sampler.  This year she is stitching along with us so the design is a complete surprise.  I know the end of November she had a few slots left open so there still might be time to participate if you have an interest.

   I've managed to stitch days 1 and 2 on time which with daily trips to the hospital is surprising.  I anticipate a late evening to get day 3's stitching done.  It is really relaxing to sit down and stitch such a small design and have a finish with things being so hectic.

I'm still plugging away on Christmas gift for a friend.  Again disguising the photo so it will still be a surprise for the friend who will receive it.  It is actually stitching up quickly when I do get time to work on it.

These beautiful fabrics will hopefully very soon become some Christmas presents for family and friends.  Thinking a weekend cutting session.

I had a spare 45 minutes yesterday so I did a quick little bit of Christmas decorating.  I put up the little white tree with pink lights that I do in my mom's memory who passed from breast cancer.  She loved the Christmas holidays and her decorations were truly magical.  It is where I acquired my great love of decorating for the Christmas holiday.  I decorated it with things she would have loved and topped it with an Angel.

This little Santa's workshop and white ceramic trees with red lights (my mom's favorites) were made by her.  They are truly treasured pieces for the entire family.
Bill managed to get the outside lights up but I'm not sure when the Christmas tree will make an appearance - maybe over the weekend.

I did manage to finish reading a book.  Yes, I managed to squeeze in my morning workout at the Y and Festive in Death by J.D. Robb was my treadmill book.  I love her series of mysteries with Eve.  

I wish I had time for more but have much more work to do before my day ends.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Your house looks lovely, Lorrie. I especially like the quilted mat below Santa's workshop :)

  2. Your house does look beautiful, inside and out! I love the little Santa's workshop and the memories you share about the things you put on display. The new project looks interesting and I think stitching is good for your soul when you have such demanding days.


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