Saturday, February 14, 2015

Frosty Felicitations!


This little vintage valentine says it all about my hubby and I.  I think I turned Bill's eye originally because of the '78 Camaro I was driving - LOL!


I continue to work on Poinsettia House by Little House Needleworks but am rapidly approaching a finish on this one.  I decided I did not want the wording on my piece so I removed the wording and moved the little banner with the birds over to that location.  I will begin stitching the border tonight with a small adjustment.  As the border is not very involved, I'm hoping for a finish this week.  

After this is finished I must get back to stitching on pieces to enter in the Iowa State Fair for 2015.  I've narrowed my next start down to a piece by Lilli Violette.  I'm in the process of pulling colors and picking fabric for it at this time.  I will be making a few alterations to it as I've a desire to add some beading.


I finally found time this week to go to Stitch n Frame to pick out framing for my 2013 and 2014 Advent SAL pieces by iStitch.  Red is usually a very difficult color to match with a red frame but the first frame I picked up was a perfect match.  I expected to spend an hour trying to come up with a frame for the 2014 piece but it was done in SECONDS!

 The 2013 piece is being a bit more difficult.  I decided against the bell pull as could only find one option of hardware in as small of a size as I would need.  I pulled 2 framing options off the wall.   This led to Vicki pulling a smaller profile piece from the back room which in turn led her to thinking she has a piece of moulding at home in a better red in the smaller profile.  As I trust her 100% with my framing, I have left it with her and she will proceed to making it look fabulous with whatever she thinks works best.  Needless to say we are headed in the red direction as the green leaves it feeling a bit lifeless.


As usual when I'm in Stitch n Frame, one thing leads to another.  1)  While looking for frames we find a small pre-made frame on the wall that is delightful.  2)  Must then find the perfect overdyed floss to compliment frame.  3)  Purchase of said items.  4)  Leads me to peruse hundreds every pattern I currently have in my possession to find the pattern that will fit perfectly in the opening of the frame.  5) Find perfect pattern that with a few alterations to the design will fit perfectly.  6)  Picking a fabric to use (count determined by the design stitch count).  I will be stitching the design on 45 count fabric.     Whoops - not an Iowa State Fair piece.


I was out shopping the other day for a new handbag (no luck there) but stumbled upon this "so me" bowl that is the perfect size for holding my sponges/drain stoppers for the kitchen sink.  

I spent Wednesday and Thursday cleaning house and changing several of the vignettes in my home.  This is my new one on my kitchen island.  Periodically I pull things from my storage in the basement and create new displays and put some things back in storage just to have something new at which to look.  Oh, how I love sitting in a freshly cleaned house with new pretties to enjoy!

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  1. Great post, Lorrie! Loved hearing how you did everything backwards on the new piece and started with the frame :)


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