Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Snippets

I know it has been awhile since my last post - a month to be exact.  At times life gets busy and I feel I have nothing worth sharing.  Let's see if I can't bring you current with my life's happenings.


I think we are heading into the warmer months here in Iowa.  We have had a week of temperatures in the mid 60's to mid 70's this past week and Spring bulbs are really peeking up through the ground.  It will be so exciting to see Spring colors very soon.  Hubby has been doing some Spring clean up in the yard and putting out some of the patio/porch furniture.  We are currently on the hunt for new cushions for the gliders we have for the front porch.  


My dad's cancer battle is just that a battle for him.  He has finished the first round of radiation and "starter" chemo had his 4 week break and started the targeted chemo 3 weeks ago.  This chemo has sure taken a lot out of him.  It is tough to watch this man who is a fighter and always on the go to having his legs knocked out from underneath him.  The chemo makes him so very weak and he is frustrated as he has the will and desire to go and do but just doesn't have the strength.  Prayers and pep talks are a constant right now.


I did finally finish Poinsettia House by Little House Needleworks.  I stitched it on a piece of 28 count OOPS overdyed fabric.  You will notice that I did change the design just a bit.  I took out the words and moved the little banner with the birds to the location where the words were.  I took out about 10 stitches on the side borders (5 above, 5 below the "V" in the middle) to accommodate the change in design.  I'm pleased with how it turned out and am now just looking for inspiration to do some finish work with it.  

I have again picked up July by Prairie Schooler and am making great progress on it.  This is a photo I took after picking it up again but I have made much more progress that the photo shows.  I will take another photo for my next posting.  I'm stitching on a piece of 32 count fabric using HDF Premium Silk.

I just picked up my framed Advent SAL 2014 piece by iStitch from Stitch n Frame just yesterday.  I am so very pleased with how it looks.  The red frame is a perfect color match for the red thread.  I still say it was the right choice to add the red border outside of the white border.

Remember this Advent SAL piece I left with Vicki.  She was going to check her scrap moulding at home as she thought she had a moulding just perfect for it.  I stopped into the shop last week and she had two options but she was leaning toward one over the other.  As always, it was the one I preferred as well.  She knows my taste so well.  It will be a couple weeks before I get this one back as she only has enough moulding to make one frame and wants to make sure no mistakes are made.  It will be well worth the wait.


I've slipped in some baking over the past 3 weeks.  My hubby and son have enjoyed a pan of magic bars and my loaded chocolate chip cookies.

My niece had a Pampered Chef party last night which I attended.  I had looked at the catalog online before going and had some idea what I wanted to purchase.  As always,  after seeing some of the new things in person I switched my selections.  It really was a fun evening!


I've been doing a lot of reading lately which probably explains why there hasn't been a ton of stitching going on.  I got hooked on reading The Chronicles of St. Mary's (a series of time traveling historians) by Jodi Taylor.  I've been in the mood for some light entertaining reading and this series was just perfect.  To bad for me I went through all 5 in the series so quickly as I would enjoy reading another.

I read the most recent by Sarah Addison Allen called First Frost.  I really enjoy her books which have such a magical quality about them.

I am currently reading a book by Tasha Alexander called A Crimson Warning.  It is a mystery from her Lady Emily Series.  I believe it was tucked into a box from my dear friend, Allison.  I am certainly enjoying it as well and think I will be selecting a few more from this series of books.  


I'm looking forward to Allison coming for a week long visit in May for her birthday week.  She used to live here several years ago and know we will have fun revisiting old haunts and checking out new ones!

Allison also sent me an idea for a new placemat.  I'm hoping to find some time in the very near future to figure out the sizes I will want to cut my fabrics and get to work.  It has been awhile since I spent any time sewing and look forward to a project.  




Love to hear your thoughts....