Saturday, March 21, 2015

Lorrie's Latest!

My first Spring bloom has finally opened during the past week and I couldn't be happier.  If I can't have it cold and snowing, it is time to move on to hot with tons of flowers in bloom.  Yep, I'm a girl who likes her weather in extremes.  I'm just not a fan of Fall and Spring like so many others.

Ending this week on a relaxing note.  Hubby, son and I enjoyed beverages at our favorite coffee shop after early morning haircuts.  Tonight is date night for hubby and I and we will be seeing the movie Gunmen (Sean Penn) just out in theaters.  The past few movies we have seen have been a bit disappointing so am hoping this one will fair better as we have heard no reviews.  Sometimes when you see movies after everyone says how great they are you build them up in your mind that they will be phenomenal and then are usually disappointed.

Last Week

This Week

This week has been less filled with appointments so my days have consisted mostly of exercising at the Y, housework and running errands with the exception of lunch with my BFF, Rene'.  Happy to report that this left some time for stitching.  You can see July by Prairie Schooler is coming along nicely.  I'm looking forward to a bit more stitching time tomorrow so am expecting to finish the house this weekend.  Yea!  I'm getting sick of stitching with the house color so am looking forward to finishing this part of the design.  It is the last time I have to use the color in the design except for about 4 more stitches.  Yippee!

Well, time to go take a quick spin in the Camaro before getting ready for date night.

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