Friday, February 28, 2014

Afghan is on the Needles!

I did not get a chance to share last post that I have started knitting my afghan on the only set of circular needles I could find in my house.  I have an entire set that my mother bought for me years ago (I mean like 28 to 30 years ago) and do you think I could find them to start an afghan for myself?!  Absolutely not.  As stated before, it really is time to reorganize and destash all of my crafting supplies not just my cross stitch supplies.

I saw a pattern for an afghan knitted in all garter stitch using 7 skeins of yarn.  Of course, you could use a different color for each and every skein but I chose these 4 colors and will repeat them.  It is such a simple pattern as you just knit until you use up the entire skein and then move on to the next skein.  Easy peasy!  This is a machine washable wool (no dryer).  My colors are from L to R Biscuit, Brindle, Umber and Cocoa.  It really is the perfect project to work on while watching television as there is absolutely no counting. 

I did get to my local needlework shop yesterday long enough to pick up some 25 count fabric (along with an OOPS fabric) for Hip Hop Easter by Nathalie - The Blue Attic.    This will be such a quick stitch that I think I will start it this evening and see how far I can get in one night.

Moving right along with my SAL La Pensee' Positive by Les Marottes de Nathalie.  It is a free chart and quite lovely.  I put my 6" inch ruler along the side to give you some idea of the size on 25 count 1 over 1.  It looks so dainty and sweet that I can't wait to finish, frame and hang in my home.  Working my way through Part 3 right now.
I made a quick stop at my local quilt shop today to look at sewing machines.  I'm thinking it is about time to upgrade my sewing machine to something that can better handle my quilting.  I'm not yet anywhere close to the "decision of which machine to purchase" but am in the "get serious research" mode.  I did, however, walk out with these Springy Riley Blake fabrics along with these adorable cat faces (thinking Halloween project). 

It has been extremely cold here the past few days but I dress appropriately and don't even notice it.  Expecting snow over the next 4 days but totals only in the 4" to 5" range which over 4 days is easy shoveling - especially because I bought myself a new shovel Wednesday.  I know I know why don't I use the snow blower.  In all honesty my workouts have put me in tip top shape for shoveling snow and actually can shovel about as fast as I snow blow.  I then get an extra workout in.

Going to try a new recipe this weekend for a low carb enchilada bake.  I'll let you know how it turns out.

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  1. Love your afghan start. Funny we both made 2014 the year of an afghan. :)

    My 2 cents about a new sewing machine-I went thru the new sewing machine research year before last. Serious quilters all use Bernina's. But I am nowhere near the output they do and I decided on a Pfaff.

    Pfaff has a special patented system that pulls the upper fabric thru at the exact same rate as the lower fabric. So no need to lower the feed dogs for machine quilting. I love it! I bought mine off ebay and the automatic needle threader (another feature I love) never worked. So I'll have to pay to get it fixed. I call it is the price of doing business on ebay. Good luck!


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