Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Finish! An Awesome Frame! Update on SAL!

I have been quite a busy since last I posted - not all of it fun!  Hubby came home from work early on Thursday not feeling well.  Still not great on Friday so stayed home from work.  I thought he should go to the doctor based on symptoms but noooooooo!  He wasn't quite miserable enough yet.  Friday night the worst hit and we were up pretty much all night long.  Saturday morning I had my son and I ready to walk out the door by 8:00 AM for our traditional run to the coffee shop but tried one last time to get my husband to the doctor.  Hallelujah he was ready to go!  A trip to VA ER where they pumped in 2 liters of fluids (dehydrated by this time) and shots of anti nausea meds along with pills to take home and he was on the mend.


I have not yet had any additional time to explore what sewing machine I would like to get.  Thank you Teresa (AtWillowTreePond) for  your input on the Pfaff.  What a coincidence that I was looking at just that brand at my local quilt shop as that is what they carry.  I find it very appealing that they can do cleanings and repairs of them.  The Brother I bought a couple years ago has no local place for cleanings or repairs.  


We spent the weekend in house as a snowstorm hit Saturday late afternoon.  It dropped about 3" so I shoveled us out on Sunday morning.  I did, however, decide to spend a relaxing afternoon on Sunday stitching up this fun little design by Nathalie (The Blue Attic) and watching an episode of the BBC Sherlock Holmes (Episode 1, First Season).

This design is Hip Hop Easter and I used the called for DMC threads.  I stitched it up on a 25 count piece of Mushroom Lugana 1 thread over 1 thread.  I will admit that 25 count 1 over 1 is my favorite way to stitch.  The finished size is 2 1/2" x 3".


You may have realized that I like to put a holiday themed displays on my buffet and coffee table.  When I decided to stitch this, I knew it would be perfect as part of the "holiday Easter" display I will be putting on my buffet this year.  I knew I wanted to show off this dainty little piece with a large chunky frame to give it presence.  This is a "snippet" of the frame I have chosen.  The colors in the frame are a perfect match to the browns in the stitched piece.  I get to pick up the finished piece next week and can't wait to see it and share a photo of it with you.


I have managed to put in a couple of hours over the past couple of days on La Pensee' Positive by Les Marottes de Nathalie.  A couple more small little motifs and I will be moving on to Part 4 of 5.  Hopefully I will have time to get to that point tonight (must go vote tonight so will see if time allows.).  I had thought to frame it in the same frame as Sampler Aux Bouquets but now I'm not so sure.  I'm thinking I will have to "try on" a few other frames before making that decision.  There just isn't as much of the "pinks" as in the other design.


Just received a yard of fabric I ordered recently.  As stated in previous posts, I'm really into the reds right now and just couldn't not pass this one up.  I'm thinking of making myself a set of things for myself out of it.  Yes, I said MYSELF!  Selfish of me isn't it.  I'm thinking a project bag, drawstring bag, needle case, scissor case.  


It has been quite the week trying to get the "clear bra" (protects paint from rock chips in most vulnerable places) onto my new Jeep.  I picked it up last Thursday from the dealer and it was not done correctly.  This was the second time we had tried to have it done to our specifications only to be disappointed again.  Yesterday we took it to the place where we had our other vehicles done and they could get it in right that moment.  Should have gone there in the first place but thought the dealer where we bought it would be more convenient - no so much.  I just picked it up this afternoon and it is finally done right!  Yea!  

It is funny as you just never know what kind of loaner car you are going to get.  I went from driving a Lincoln Navigator which I call the "BUS" last week to the little Mini Cooper which I call the "KIDDY CAR" this week.  My son never knows what kind of car he is going to be getting in anymore.  He refused to get into the "BUS" but couldn't get in the "KIDDY CAR" fast enough.  I actually wouldn't mind having the Mini Cooper for Summer driving.  I'll keep that in mind when I win the Lottery!


  1. I laughed out loud at the MYSELF in capital letters :)

  2. What a super cute bunny finish! Great progress on your WIP! I do hope your husband is feeling better.

    Robin in Virginia


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