Sunday, March 9, 2014

Almost to the End!

I'm pretty excited that I'm closing in on the finish of this La Pensee' Positive piece.  I thought it would take so much longer to stitch based on the stitch count but am flying right through it.  I've set myself a goal to have it done by the time I am to go to the framer and pick up the piece I left last Tuesday for framing.  Could be an unrealistic goal as I bet I get a call on Tuesday to pick it up.  Unless, of course, I find a couple hours of stitching time today.  On the 25 count over 1 it is 9" long at this point and am expecting another 2.5 to 3" more added to the length by the time I am done.   The width is a tiny 3.5".    I do absolutely love how it is evolving.   I did have to change another color - the sheep!  The color called for was just too light on this fabric and you could not see them at all and yes I stitched an entire sheep just to be sure.  Thankfully I came up with just the right color on my third attempt.  Not like those darn houses on Beauty in Simplicity that it took 8+ attempts to find just the right color.  I actually spent more time taking out stitches on that piece than putting them in - all my fault due to my fabric choice.

This is a new design I'm getting ready to start by Nathalie (TheBlueAttic).  It is in the category of a quote/saying.  I also purchased Farm Fresh Eggs and When This You See Remember Me.  I really like Nathalie's designs as they have such detail and charm in a small design.  It is so nice to be able to stitch a piece in a day or 2 amongst all those larger projects.

For all you lovers of the Big Bang Theory this was my acquisition on date night last night.  My new Jeep does not have a hard drive to download my CD's like my previous Jeep so have had to put my music on a flash drive that you plug in to play over the radio.  Hubby thought it would make my music flash drive easy to spot by getting a Sheldon figure.  He is so right!  This method will actually be easier for altering my playlist ongoing.
I've been reading on several blogs about so many stitchers stitching from their stashes during 2014.  This was actually something I listed as a goal on my blog in 2013.  I wish I would have thought to start a Stitching from Stash Group back then.  It would have been nice to have the support of like minded stitchers.  I did really well stitching from my stash in 2013 and have been continuing on with this goal in 2014.  It seems easier this year than last year.  I think that is largely due to the fact that none of the new designs has really "called" to me to be stitched.  

Speaking of stitching from stash as soon as I finish La Pensee' Positive I will be picking up Red Riding Hood by ThePrimitiveHare.  I set it aside when I started all my stitching for Christmas gifts and think now is a great time to pick it up and finish it.  If I remember correctly, I think I'm halfway there.  It is a piece I would like to enter in competition in the 2014 Iowa State Fair so it is time to pick it up again.  

Book club for March is on Friday.  I'm afraid I am nowhere close to having the book finished - The Secrets of Mary Bowser.  I don't know what it is about the selections this year but I have only managed to read 2 of them all the way through.  I'm guessing they are just not the type of books I'm in the mood to read this year.  I remember one book it actually took me 3 attempts at over the course of 3 years before I could finally settle into it.  Books are like music for me in that I have to be in the mood for that genre.

Date night was an enjoyable evening out with hubby.  We had a nice supper at On the Border.  We had time for a little bit of window shopping at the mall before the movie started - Non-Stop.  It was an enjoyable movie for 2 reasons.  It moved along quickly and I didn't actually figure out who done it until it came out in the movie.  Harriet will attest that this is not something that happens often with me.  I usually know the who by the time the entire cast of characters is in play whether it be movie or book.

Well, off to help hubby put snowblower away for the season - so I expect one more blizzard before we really get into Spring!


  1. I am driving a 10 year old car. So the thought of using a flash drive for music is new to me. But what a great idea! And yes, I suppose it is time to be thinking of your state fair entry :)

  2. Your current WIP is very pretty! Looking forward to your new start; what fabric was in the picture you shared?

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Well, very pretty Happiness piece, I love it! And that flash drive is a hoot--good work, Bill. You are correct I always take note when you don't have the culprit identified WAY too soon for your own good--and know there's been some good writing. Will have to put that on our list of movies.


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